Benefits of a Prepaid Funeral


Prepaying a funeral is simple to do at Christian Funerals, as it allows you to lock in your funeral at today’s prices, with no future payments required.

Much like making a will or taking out life insurance, prepaying your funeral takes care of the future.

With a prepaid funerals you get to personalise your funeral and make sure your exact wishes are carried out when the time comes. You also relieve your family and friends of any financial and emotional stress of them having to organise the service themselves, giving them peace of mind.

A prepaid funeral with Christian Funerals is a simple and quick process with limited paperwork and no health checks required.

The cost of a prepaid funeral will vary depending on the inclusions. Once paid in full there is no more to pay unless additional inclusions are incurred. You can prepay your funeral upfront or in convenient instalments over a three-year period.

Then you can relax, knowing your money is held safely in a trust while you get on with enjoying life to the full.

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Prearranging a Memorial

If you have prearranged your funeral, which covers your funeral service needs, it makes sense to consider prearranging your memorial too. Prearranging a memorial means you secure a permanent memorial type and position in a memorial park cemetery or garden, and pay for it at today's price.

Organising a memorial in advance has a number of financial and emotional benefits. We recommend you speak to the Memorial Park or Garden you are interested in about which memorials they currently have available.