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Our professional knowledge and experience is enhanced by our Christian ethos; serving with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience – and – in all things working as though through the Lord.

We offer you a wide range of services that are practical and affordable. Christian Funerals is well-known for respecting your funeral wishes, whatever they may be. It is our honour to serve, providing dignity to your loved one and care and compassion to the family members who are left behind. We serve all people from all areas of Perth and regional WA, regardless of background and tradition.

With our professional expertise we can turn what can be a worrying and stressful time into a well-run event. Our funeral directors are highly skilled in bringing everything together for a funeral service in a very short timeframe, while giving you the time to plan exactly the funeral you want. The funeral director will manage all the paperwork on your behalf, and liaise with the suppliers for you, so that you can focus on yourself, your family and the other guests.

Our funeral directors won't rush you into making decisions, instead they will listen, ask questions, and deliver a funeral service that is in line with your requests and your budget. 

We can offer innovative solutions and deliver a contemporary funeral, allowing you to celebrate the life lived rather than mourn the death, if this is what you want to do. Our funeral directors work with you to ensure you get exactly the funeral service you want.

Questions and answers about arranging a funeral with Christian Funerals

Do you provide funeral services for all Christian faiths?

Yes. Christian Funerals is experienced in the funeral rites of all Christian denominations. We also have positive relationships with the clergy of all Christian faiths across Perth, and we can liaise with them on your behalf.

I don't follow a Christian faith, will you still arrange a funeral for me?

Yes. Jesus taught us to love our neighbours unconditionally and so, with the same dedication and care, we serve non-Christian families, as well as families where faith plays no part in their lives.

What makes Christian Funerals different to other funeral service providers?

We fully respect the wishes of the deceased and the family. We also commit  to providing the highest quality care and service, while offering practical and affordable services that meet individual needs. We honour the uniqueness of each human life and specialise in providing sensitive care to those in need. We believe that caring for the deceased is a sacred trust and we act in accordance with that belief. As Christians ourselves, we hold a special level of understanding about the aspects of religious funeral services, and we have excellent relations with parishes and congregations across the Perth area. We are dedicated to supporting the community through education programs, and by providing financial and other support to community organisations.

Why should we use your chapel?

Our chapel provides for generous timeslots for a relaxed and unrushed atmosphere. Our bookings allow enough time for refreshments to be served at a leisurely pace, which allows for guests to mingle and share stories. We can arrange for a religious celebrant or a priest to attend a funeral service. If you do wish a civil celebrant, we can make recommendations of celebrants that may be right for your family.

Can you arrange a funeral outside of Perth?

Yes. We often conduct funerals in Western Australia's country areas.