Funeral Directors Serving Perth Families

From our funeral home and chapel located in Maylands, Christian Funerals serve all of Perth and Western Australia.

We offer a tasteful space for your funeral arrangements, and our facilities include a chapel, condolence lounge and rooms for viewings. Our chapel is best suited to small services with seating for 40 guests and an additional 40 standing.

While we are Christian in our values and ethos, even if you hold to a differing faith or are of no particular belief, our priority is to care for you and your loved ones by providing our skills and services, unconditionally.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on: (08) 9370 5315.

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Christian Funerals

302 Whatley Crescent
Maylands WA 6051

Phone (24/7):
(08) 9370 5315
Monday-Friday: 8.00am - 4.30pm
Saturday-Sunday: by appointment
Seating capacity for 40 guests, with standing room for an additional 40, a 42in LCD screen and full audio capability for the sharing of photos, music and video, disabled toilet facilities and a hearing loop.

What To Do

If you have just lost someone and need help there are three simple steps to follow: 


Give us a call whenever you need us. We are available 24/7 on (08) 9370 5315.


You'll find much of what you need right here on our homepage.


Take a look at our Help and Advice section for the answers.

Upcoming Funeral Services

You can find more information about an upcoming service with Christian Funerals via the search below.

Our Services

At Christian Funerals we are committed to providing dignity, compassion and trust to all the families of Perth.

Excellence in Service

We base our vision of service on the words found in the Bible, Colossians chapter 3: Be compassionate, kind, humble, gentle and patient... and in everything work as though working for the Lord. Guided by these words we provide excellence in funeral service.

Our service ethos is based on two important Christian tenets: Love your neighbour as you would love yourself, and Do unto others as you would them do unto you.

With these principles foremost in our minds, we can faithfully serve every family.

Prepaid Funerals

Preplanning your funeral makes sense. A prepaid funeral takes the emotional stress off your family, locks in your funeral cost at today’s price, and allows you to plan things your way.

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Book of Ideas

In the Book of Ideas, funeral directors have shared some of their stories of how families have honoured their loved ones, so that you can draw inspiration for your own funeral arrangements.

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Burial & Cremation Information

When you're organising a funeral service, one of the first decisions will be whether you are organising a burial or a cremation. This choice will directly impact the type of funeral service you will have.

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A repatriation is where a deceased person is moved from one state or one country to another so that final rites can be performed there. Our funeral directors can arrange repatriations interstate and internationally.

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Help and Advice

Funerals can seem like a complicated affair, and there is a lot to know. That's why we created this help section to make things just a little easier.

We've provided some information about what to expect from each step of the funeral arrangements, from how to plan ahead or what to do when someone passes away, to what you should expect before, during and after a funeral service.

Planning Ahead

Planning a funeral when a loved one dies can be a challenging task, but did you know that a funeral can be planned and paid for ahead of time?

A prepaid funeral is a sensible alternative to funeral insurance or funeral bonds, and could save you money - you pay today's price and ensure the service will be tailored to your needs, wishes and budget.

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When Someone Passes

When someone has passed away and if you've never arranged a funeral before, you might not know what you will need to do when a death has occured.

You'll find more information about what to do when a death occurs, what to expect when meeting your funeral director, the Death Certificate and why funerals matter in this section.

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Before the Service

There is usually some time between making the initial funeral arrangements with your funeral director, and the time of the actual funeral service.

There are a number of things you may wish to consider before the funeral service, such as the choice of day and time, whether you will have a viewing and if you are writing a eulogy.

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After the Service

Once the funeral service is over, it is time to consider the type of memorial you would like for your loved one.

Your options will depend on wheter it was a burial or cremation service.

We also provide information about scattering ashes and resources for coping with grief.

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