Coffin & Casket Range


Selecting the right coffin or casket is an important tribute to your loved one. It’s not always an easy decision. You need to take into consideration:

  • The personality and taste of your loved one
  • Shapes – whether a coffin or casket design
  • Colours, materials and finishes available
    • Traditional wooden coffins or caskets (eg. Oak, Cedar or Pine)
    • Veneered MDF, usually made to look like wood
    • Cardboard coffins
    • Personalised picture coffins with bespoke designs through LifeArt
    • Metal caskets (eg. various gauge steel or bronze)
  • Environmental factors if you plan to have an eco-friendly burial in a green burial site for your loved one
  • Prices depending on your available budget
  • Cultural influences


Download our Coffin & Casket Catalogue

At Christian Funerals , the range we have available ensures we have something for everyone. Please view our standard range online.

For more information if you’re ready to speak to one of our funeral directors, please contact us or call (08) 9370 5315.

What is the difference between a coffin and casket?

Many people are unsure of the difference between a coffin and a casket and both play an important role in the tribute to a loved one.

A coffin is a tapered design with 6 sides, narrow at the head and tapered towards the foot. It has a fully detachable lid and is secured with separate fittings. Coffins are generally smaller in size than caskets.

A casket is rectangular in shape with an attached hinged lid. They are more comfortably lined inside with padded mattresses and pillows.

Personalised picture coffins

You can choose a coffin design from the existing LifeArt range, or design it yourself by providing your own photos and working closely with the graphic designer, or opting to paint and decorate the coffin yourself. 

For more information on LifeArt, please visit their website.

We offer expert advice

When selecting a coffin or casket, our funeral directors at Christian Funerals are there to offer you with expert advice to make the selection process a little easier. As there are many options available, we will take you through the range to find the coffin or casket best suited to your needs and budget available.